How to get a better understanding of how grasslands are changing

This article was produced by Next Big Futures, a global initiative of Future Tense, an independent, nonprofit news organization that focuses on the intersection of science and the human condition.The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

Why does my grassland seem to be losing ground?

I’ve spent the last few weeks pondering the subject of grasslands in Australia and what they are, how they are changing, and what might be happening to the environment.But for those of you unfamiliar with grasslands, the short answer is, there is no such thing.The word “grassland” is a misnomer.“Grassland” refers to a landscape that […]

How to tell the difference between grassland and nachusa from a bird’s-eye view

In the wild, nachas and grasslands are similar.But they’re not the same bird species, and they have different needs.Nachas need to hunt, and the grasslands can’t support them.The nachasin is an apex predator, the grassland bird that can kill up to two predators at a time.And the nachasa is a scavenger, meaning it hunts for […]

In search of a better climate: Grasslands of the future

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have mapped out the changes in soil carbon that take place as grasslands are grown and watered in a changing climate.They say the findings offer a more accurate picture of the effects of climate change on the world’s grasslands.“It is one thing to measure soil carbon,” said […]

“The Plains: The Story of a Desert” is available on Netflix and Hulu Plus!

I think you’ll agree, the word grassland is a big one.The word comes from the Latin, grass, and it refers to the grasslands and the prairies that made up the New World.This is the area where the earliest Native Americans settled, so they called the region “the grasslands.”The Plains are the largest grasslands in North […]

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