A study shows why climate change is affecting the Great Plains

By Andrew C. McCarthyMarch 28, 2018, 9:59:57As we enter the first of what promises to be several weeks of intense weather in the United States, the climate in the Great Lakes region could be making its first foray into the climate extremes of the past few years. 

Researchers from Purdue University and the University of Pennsylvania, along with a team of researchers from the University and a local school, have found that grassland and prairie areas in the eastern Great Lakes are experiencing an unprecedented increase in precipitation over the past 30 years.

The researchers found that during this period, the rate of precipitation for the Great Basin was more than four times greater than the rate in the rest of the U.S., the study, published in Nature Climate Change, found.

The study was led by Jennifer H. Tinsley, associate professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Purdue, and David E. Sorensen, assistant professor of meteorology and atmospheric science at the University.

The study was conducted with funding from the U,P.

National Science Foundation and the National Park Service. 

The authors argue that the rate at which the Great Lake system is experiencing extreme weather is due in part to a warming climate, driven by the increasing use of fossil fuels and the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The new study found that the Great River Basin experienced an increase of 2.2 inches of precipitation per year between 1970 and 2017.

The Colorado River Basin, which runs through much of the Great Prairie region, experienced a 7.4 inches per year increase. 

“We were surprised that there was such a large increase in the amount of precipitation, especially in the last 30 years,” said Jennifer H Tinsling.

“It really shows how this system is responding to climate change.” 

According to the researchers, the changes were due in large part to the changing composition of the soil in the region, as well as changes in vegetation.

The increased precipitation over that period coincided with the growing number of cities, which increased the amount and the density of vegetation in the surrounding landscape. 

According the researchers in the study: “The Great Plains is experiencing unprecedented warming, driven primarily by the use of coal and petroleum.

As a result, the number of days in which the climate conditions can be expected to remain in the moderate or moderate-high range is expected to increase.

At the same time, the amount, density, and amount of water in the basin will change as more of the region is exposed to warmer, wetter conditions.” 

The Great Lakes basin has also seen an increase in wildfires, which can be more severe and destructive due to higher air temperatures, increased amounts of water and nutrient levels in the soils, and the potential for more lightning strikes in the area. 

Tinsley said, “Our study confirms that the climate change and extreme weather conditions we have seen in the Midwest have accelerated and are increasingly becoming severe in the East, particularly in the Upper Midwest.” 

“There is no doubt that climate change has already contributed to these changes in the climate,” she said. 

H Tinsleys work also focuses on the role of vegetation and vegetation-related activities in increasing the severity of drought in the watershed.

“As the Great Floods have accelerated over the last two centuries, we have had an increasing need for rain and runoff in the lower basin,” she added.

“So the increase of precipitation in the Lower Midwest is also linked to increased runoff. 

During the past several decades, the intensity of precipitation events in the lowlands has increased in some regions and has been associated with an increase over the Great Southwest. 

In addition, we are seeing an increase now in the number and density of wildfires and drought in some areas of the Lower and Upper Great Lakes.” 

Tinleys research team also looked at changes in fire suppression and other wildfire-related factors in the past. 

Fire suppression measures in the Plains and the West have decreased dramatically in recent decades, she said, due in great part to an increase to urban sprawl and the use and use of non-traditional fuels, such as wood, charcoal, and coal. 

With a growing population in the Western and Central parts of the United Kingdom, the increase is also a result of increased land use in the areas, including more intensive development, according to the study.

The authors of the study found a correlation between increased rainfall and the development of urban sprawls in some of the areas of increased wildfire activity, as a result. 

A study published last year also found that there has been an increase, with drought and wildfires increasing in areas where people have chosen to live and work, and in the use by people of fossil fuel-based fuels. 

Other research has also linked the occurrence of wildfire-induced drought to increases in the intensity and frequency of wildfires in the Northern Great Lakes and the Upper Great Plains. 

 The increased fire activity in the

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