What’s next for Queensland’s desert dioramas?

A few months ago, we told you about an incredible new dioram project from the Brisbane City Council’s heritage committee, a desert dori project that was being developed for the city’s Grand Prix dioramo.

Now, Queensland’s Desert Dori Preservation Trust has revealed what the project’s final renderings are for.

A dioramic recreation of the Great Basin is set to be unveiled in 2018 at the grand prix at The Gabba.

Desert dori is the name given to the region that stretches from the Great Divide in the far north of the country to the southern end of the South West.

The dori were first recorded in the area around 3000 BC.

Over the centuries, the region has grown in size, culture and sophistication and is home to a number of fascinating structures.

This project will involve the use of a specially developed and innovative design and will take place on the Great Bend National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While the dori have become an important part of Brisbane’s cultural heritage, this project is set on the edge of the park, close to the Gold Coast.

According to the council, the project will create an exciting, new, and engaging experience for visitors and locals alike.

The dioramon’s final design will be based on a variety of architectural styles and materials including timber, metal, glass and stone.

As well as being a unique feature of the landscape, dori are also used in traditional Australian Aboriginal culture.

It is hoped that this will add to the citys cultural identity and add an exciting and exciting twist to Brisbane’s ongoing heritage project.

Check out the project renderings here.

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