Australian grasslands are thriving again after drought

After decades of drought, grasslands across Australia are thriving once again.

The state’s drought-hit grasslands have been growing again after being devastated by climate change.

The grasslands, including the northern part of the Great Australian Grassland, are thriving thanks to the drought and the return of the water cycle.

It is estimated that if the Great Southern Grassland had never been damaged by the dry spell in the late 1970s, it would have grown to the size of the State Government’s current national park.

The Great Southern grasslands were once the heart of the nation’s agriculture and forestry industries.

They produced the world’s largest range of vegetables and were home to more than 20 per cent of the world food supply.

In recent decades, they have been devastated by the loss of water, soil erosion and other environmental threats.

While the Great South Australian Grasslands have recovered from the drought, the Northern Great Southern Plains are still struggling.

“In some places, the grasslands look as if they have never been grazed, and in others, they look as though they have already been razed,” Environment and Heritage Minister Chris Finlayson said.

“It is a very important piece of the landscape that needs to be protected for future generations.”

In the last few decades, many of the state’s historic and remote grasslands and scrub were devastated by fires and bushfires.

The fires, which destroyed much of the southern grassland, were the largest single environmental disaster in Australia’s history.

It was estimated that the Great Northern Fire destroyed about 1.4 million hectares of vegetation.

The damage to the grassland has left a deep scar that stretches for more than 40 kilometres.

The fire destroyed about one-third of the original range of the northern Great Southern Hills, which were the site of an important cattle station.

The loss of this heritage has been a major blow to the tourism industry and local communities.

The restoration of grasslands is a key priority for the Government, with more than $4 million being spent on restoring grasslands.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has also been tasked with protecting some of the heritage sites and is spending $250,000 to restore some of those lost sites.

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