UK vets in the middle of the drought are having to put their lives on hold for the Christmas season

The UK is facing its first severe drought in nearly 50 years, as a dry spell pushes farmers to put up fences and fences up fences.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has warned that it will have to reduce some of its own reserves for the holiday season.

Farmers are cutting down trees and weeds and digging up pastureland in an effort to combat the drought.

However, many are finding it more difficult to find enough grass to graze on in the hope that it can last through the cold winter months.

As the UK faces its first serious drought in almost 50 years it has already started to feel the effects of a weather system that is slowly moving westwards and is not expected to ease for another five months. 

The British government has also warned that a winter cold spell that began in the US and Canada in November is already bringing record snowfalls to parts of the UK.

The country is facing a cold front that is expected to arrive on Monday, with temperatures in the region of minus-4C and freezing temperatures expected to linger for several days.

A severe drought, also known as a winter monsoon, is when conditions are colder than average in the northern hemisphere and more than 10C (21F) below normal in the southern hemisphere.

The BBC reports that the UK experienced its worst winter monsoons on record, when it experienced temperatures as low as minus 10C (-3F) in January and February.

The agency also warned of the risk of frostbite to UK tourists, with the risk increasing with more snowfall.

The Department for the Environment, Farming and Food has told farmers to cut down on their winter wheat production in an attempt to maintain a steady supply of grain for livestock.

However it said it would take time to determine how much more land could be cut down and said it was “not yet certain” whether it would be possible to get more grass on the ground for winter.

The USDA says that it is “pursuing measures to provide farmers with enough water for their crops” to make up for any cuts in production.

The government is also providing funding for farmers to purchase irrigation systems and is also increasing funding to help farmers grow crops at more than 100 times normal levels.

The weather system, dubbed the westerly monsoon or the wettest month on record in the UK, has caused farmers in the Midlands to cut back on their wheat production.

However farmers in England, where the monsoon season begins in March, have reported higher grain prices than in recent years.

The Wandsworth area, the Midlands and parts of Lancashire and Northumberland are experiencing higher levels of rainfall and are seeing more frost damage.

The Environment Agency says that in addition to the weather effects, the cold fronts are expected to hit the UK in early November.

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