Why the grasslands of Australia are not going to die out, and why it might be good news for the rest of us

I’ve been thinking about the idea that, given our environment and our people, we might be better off being a grassland nation.

It sounds far-fetched, but the problem with thinking we’d be better is that there are plenty of other great things about living in a grasslands.

There’s a lot of natural beauty to be found.

There are a lot more things to do than the car.

There is more than a little bit of wildlife to enjoy, and even a bit of the occasional tourist.

Australia’s great landscapes are a real bonus.

They’re a great place to be, a great country, a real place to live.

But there are some problems.

In particular, Australia’s grasslands are, in some ways, more important than other places on the planet.

I’d like to think that there is an urgent need to talk about the need for Australia’s natural environments to be preserved.

I’d also like to see more research done to understand why grasslands, particularly in the Great Barrier Reef, are so important to us.

So the idea of Australia being a great grassland country seems to be one that people tend to get hung up on.

There’s this idea that we have the best natural environment in the world, and it’s so great, you just have to let nature take it.

That’s the way it should be.

But I think it’s not so simple.

I think there are a number of really fundamental problems with thinking that Australia’s environment is such an amazing thing to be a part of.

If you’re going to talk a grass land, it’s best to talk Australia’s Great Barrier Barrier Reef.

Australia is home to some of the most spectacular, beautiful, diverse landscapes in the western world.

In the last century or so, we’ve built the Great South-East Coastal Plain, the Great Lakes and the Great Artesian Basin.

And it’s all been built on grasslands: in many places, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a place built on sand.

It’s true that the Great Australian Grassland is a really impressive place to see, but there are still many places on this planet where grasslands don’t quite make the cut.

And there are other places where grassland conservation is a serious concern.

We’ve got the Great Plains of South America, the Congo, the Amazon, the Central African Republic, and of course, Australia.

But in terms of Australia’s native grasslands and grasslands biodiversity, it would be a shame to leave them out.

And yet we have to do it, because there are so many other places in the country where grass ecosystems are at risk.

Australia’s grassland biodiversity is also in decline.

It’s a fact.

But it’s often overlooked.

According to the WWF, Australia has lost more than 10 million hectares of native grassland in the last 30 years.

And the numbers are getting worse.

The WWF estimates that more than half of Australia has been lost to bushfires since the mid-1970s, which has had a devastating effect on our native grass ecosystems.

When we think of grasslands as a natural resource, we often think of water.

We’re thinking of the water we can drink, the water that’s in the lakes and streams, the streams that run into rivers, and the water available for our gardens.

We know that the water in the oceans is good for us.

But what if we thought of the natural resources that our land and water hold?

What if we had a more realistic picture of what our natural resources could be used for?

What would that look like?

The first thing to say is that Australia is not going anywhere.

We have a pretty good sense of where our natural environment is at.

We can see where the great rivers are and how they flow, and we know the water is flowing into the rivers.

We also know where the rivers are going, because we’ve got satellites.

And when we look at the river systems in the states, we can see that our rivers are changing.

They are getting more acidic and becoming more variable.

What about the rain?

Australia has a pretty dry climate, and rain is our best natural resource.

It is what makes us so beautiful, and so productive.

And so what if our rain was not being produced at all?

Well, the answer is that we’d need to change our thinking.

You know, the rain is part of our culture, and one of the things that is so important about our culture is that it’s our connection to nature.

It tells us where the water comes from, where the trees are and so on.

And as the water moves through the land, the trees change their shape.

They grow and mature, and change colour.

And the change in the tree shape is what we call the natural rainbow.

When we look closely at the natural

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