The story of the grassland refuge that helped to save me and my family

The story has become an emblem of the Palestinian resistance movement that began in 2000, but it is not a familiar one. 

A story of resilience and defiance, a story of courage and determination.

In a city of 1.7 million, grassland was a refuge for hundreds of thousands of people, a place where families and small businesses could escape the violence of the Israeli occupation.

The grasslands of northern Israel are a common sight in the West Bank, but the desert region of Jordan is unique in that the land is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is also the only place in the Middle East where Israel is officially recognized as a state.

“It is a place of resistance,” said Salah Fares, the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) chief negotiator in talks with Israel over the return of the land to the Palestinians.

Fares, who is also a professor of environmental geography at the University of Haifa, has spent his entire career researching the grasslands and preserving their habitats.

He has written hundreds of articles and hundreds of books on the subject, and he has visited more than 30 grasslands in Israel and Jordan.

He and his team of Palestinian volunteers have been in Jordan since the 1970s to preserve the land, and they have been successful.

Fares said that they have kept the grasses alive by digging in and using the land as a “rescue station”.

The grassland reserves have been a source of inspiration for the resistance movement.

In 2005, Israel opened the “Land of the Green Hand”, a vast, unspoiled area in the Jordan Valley that is home to some 20,000 Palestinian villages, many of which have been left to rot in the face of the onslaught of the occupation.

It was the first time Israel was allowed to open such a large area of land without the permission of the UN.

“We have not been able to establish a fence here,” Fares told Al Jazeera.

“But it is very difficult to keep the people there.”

Since the 1970, when the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) declared the West Wall, the only remaining part of Jerusalem to be under Israeli control, the land has been an international symbol of resistance.

The Palestinian Authority is the only country in the world to own the land.

Fais said that the PA is in charge of the conservation of the areas.

The lands of the Westwall are also protected under international law, which obliges the Palestinians to take all necessary steps to protect them.

The UN General Assembly voted last year to establish the Green Line, a buffer zone in the area that allows for the protection of the lands.

It allows the Israeli military to restrict access to them.

But the Palestinian people are not satisfied with the status quo.

They are calling for an international solution to the crisis.

Fays said that he was particularly concerned that Israel has not given any guarantees that it would maintain the protection.

“Israel wants to maintain the barrier to prevent us from establishing a fence to keep Palestinians out of it,” he said.

“I think the situation is not sustainable for them to continue to have the wall.

They cannot maintain it.”

In response, the Israeli authorities have proposed a plan that would allow for the creation of a barrier to the WestWall.

It would also allow for Israel to close the borders to all Palestinians living in the territories, as long as they agree to relocate to Israeli settlements in the Galilee.

The barrier is also intended to deter Palestinians from entering the WestBank by creating an invisible border.

“The barrier will be a very important deterrent,” said Fares.

“We are not going to let them enter our land without being arrested.”

Fares has met with Israeli politicians and security officials to discuss the plan, but he said that none of them would have the courage to go ahead with it.

Israel’s proposal is the latest attempt to force the Palestinians into a position where they have to agree to a permanent separation barrier between them and the Westbank.

“There is no way we will agree to this, it is unacceptable,” said Abd al-Karim Nasser, an activist from the occupied Palestinian territory of East Jerusalem.

The Israeli proposal is a “complete violation of the international law of the two-state solution”, said Nasser.

“It will lead to a Palestinian state on the other side of the border with Israel.

The people who are the leaders of the resistance should not be allowed to continue this way.”

A new generation of activists, inspired by the West bank grasslands, have joined the grass roots in the Palestinian cause.

They have launched grassroots campaigns to save the land and to establish grasslands as a refuge, and the movement has become a force in the struggle for the future of the Palestinians and the international community.

“People who live in the lands [of the West] want to protect it, but they don’t want to see it destroyed

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