New Zealand’s new ‘grassland’ law ‘can only be repealed by the people’

The government is set to announce a new law which will ban new farming operations in “grassland” landscapes, a term coined by an opposition MP.

The new law will ban all new or expanded farms within a year of being established, which will have the same legal status as existing farms, but it will also allow for some exemptions.

The new laws will be introduced on December 14.

“The government is looking at ways to ensure the environment and the wellbeing of New Zealanders, including the people who are farming, in the new laws,” Minister for Agriculture Bill English said in a statement.

“In New Zealand, it is very common for new farming to be built in new or expanding areas.

In some cases, this is because it is a small business that is already doing very well in a region.

The government’s proposed rules, which are still under consideration, would require farmers to establish an operation for at least three years and to establish a management plan and clearances. “

This new legislation will make it clear that all existing farms that have been established or are in the planning stages for future development must be treated as a new agricultural undertaking and subject to the same rules as any other agricultural undertaking.”

The government’s proposed rules, which are still under consideration, would require farmers to establish an operation for at least three years and to establish a management plan and clearances.

They also will require farmers that are seeking to reopen their operations to a local community or a member of the public to apply for an exemption under the National Heritage Act.

The move comes after the New Zealand Greens proposed a similar amendment in Parliament.

The Greens also say the new legislation should allow for exemptions from existing farm laws, such as those that allow farmers to operate on their own land.

“If it’s a new farm and they’re applying for an agricultural exemption, they’ll have to prove to the government that they have the capacity to operate without that exemption, and that they’ll be able to operate as a business without that same exemption,” Green Party co-leader David Shoebridge told the ABC.

“But if they’re going to be able operate as an established farming business, they’ve got to have that exemption.

That’s why this amendment was put forward.”

The Greens’ proposed amendment would also allow New Zealand farmers to be exempted from the new farming laws, which require all farmers to obtain a licence, subject to certain conditions, before they can start a new business.

In a statement to the ABC, the Agriculture Ministry said it had already received a number of requests for advice on how to implement the new rules.

“It is our intention to work with the relevant authorities, and with the New Zealander community, to develop a clear, effective, and enforceable framework that will ensure farmers are able to do what they do best: farm on their land and to the best of their ability, in accordance with New Zealand law,” the ministry said.

“We will continue to work closely with local and state government and other stakeholders to ensure farmers have the best possible access to land and waters, and to have the certainty of a clear pathway to operate their operations.”

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