What’s Next for the ‘Great Plains Decatur’ Cartoonist?

Decatur, Ga.

— Grassland cartoonist Jeffery Brown, who has worked on a number of major television shows, is leaving the syndication platform to pursue his own animation career.

Brown, a Georgia native who was born and raised in the Atlanta area, tweeted Monday that he is leaving FOX News Channel for the “great Plains Decaboration.”

He wrote that he was “so excited” about the opportunity to work on his own show, which will debut on FOX this fall.

“I’m very excited to be on FOX News,” he tweeted.

“I love this country, and I want to work and share my thoughts and ideas with our viewers.

This is the best network for that.”

In May, Brown was hired to be a producer on a project called “Mountain Boys,” which he had been working on for months, and his first major TV gig was on “The View.”

His work also landed him a series of awards.

The “Mound City Decatur” cartoon was first broadcast on Fox in 2016.

It focused on the town of Decatur in southwestern Georgia, and featured characters like the town’s famous cowboy, Doc, and its mayor, Doc Holliday.

The cartoon also featured a couple named Doc and Holliday, as well as a character named Bill.

The character played by actor Josh Charles, who also appeared on “Family Guy,” died in 2017.

Brown is one of many people who have been working as animators on television shows in recent years.

A number of them have been brought in to create more of a visual identity for the characters on the shows.

In January, the network announced that it had hired four animators to create a new animated series called “A Million Little Things.”

The animated series, which features characters from “The Big Bang Theory,” “Community,” “The Walking Dead,” and “American Dad,” will premiere on Cartoon Network.

The network is also developing an animated short series called “‘Naughty Dog’s New Year’s Resolution,'” which features the characters of “Muppets Most Wanted” characters.

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