How did a grassland species adapt to the harsh Australian weather?

By Brian HeneghanThe Australian Football League has warned the grassland plants adapted to harsh conditions in Australia will not survive in the long term.

The grassland grassland is an evergreen grass that grows in areas of wet grassland.

It is one of the fastest growing grasses in the world and is a major contributor to the country’s drylands.

But a drought in the Northern Territory in recent years has forced the grasslands to lose their cover.

The drought has also caused widespread destruction to many of the plants that the grasses rely on to keep their roots warm.

The Australian National University’s professor of entomology Dr James K. Daley said the grass is losing its cover.

“We are seeing the grass in the dryland that was once there disappear in places, the grassy areas of the desert are getting a lot of the rain and then it is very likely that that grass is going to disappear as well,” he said.

“This is one instance where grasses are not going to survive in that climate.”

They are going to be dead in a few years time.

“That is the nature of grasslands, that grass will go.”

Dr Daley has spent the last five years studying grasslands across the Northern Territories.

“The grasslands are actually in the worst drought in their history and the grass on the ground is drying up.”

So if you look at the grass that is there, it is going out, there is not enough rain to make it last,” he told 720 ABC Canberra.”

If you go to the Northern Rockies, you are not getting any rain.

“You can get the grass, but it is dry and dying.”

Drought is a common occurrence in Australia, especially in wetter regions.

“What you are seeing in the north is we are seeing more grass loss than we have seen in a long time, and the extent of the loss is not known yet,” Dr Daley explained.

“It is likely that in the future we will see a lot more grass going extinct than we are currently seeing.”

Dr K.

Daley said grasses were also going to become more resistant to diseases like fungal infections.

“People are already noticing that they are less likely to get fungal diseases in the past few years,” he explained.

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