The new climate-resilient savanna is the new plains

The savanna of Montana and Wyoming may have become a more livable landscape over the past decade, but it’s not the only landscape that’s adapted to climate change.

In some places, the plains are also becoming more drought-resistant.

And the same is true for grassland ecosystems in the West. 

As we approach the third year of the 21st century, the United States faces a lot of challenges that affect many ecosystems and species. 

Some are simply unavoidable.

In the West, the rapid melting of glaciers and sea ice in recent years has made some parts of the country more susceptible to droughts.

And while climate change is undoubtedly having an effect on drought, there are many other factors that are also playing a role.

We’re seeing an uptick in the frequency of droughty and wet conditions across much of the West—and this is not necessarily linked to climate changes. 

In the past, these conditions were triggered by weather events or the lack of precipitation.

Today, they are often caused by climate-induced changes to rainfall patterns, such as a warming of the planet, warmer oceans, or a changing distribution of precipitation and soil moisture across the landscape. 

For example, we’re seeing a decrease in precipitation over much of North America. 

These changes in the timing and severity of precipitation events can have profound effects on the distribution and dynamics of water resources.

In other words, if you can’t make it rain, then how do you get enough water to keep a water source dry?

These changes in precipitation patterns can also affect the size and distribution of grassland and savanna ecosystems, which is why we need to understand the causes and impacts of the changes that are occurring in the region. 

To understand what’s driving the changes in grassland habitats, we need a better understanding of the climate system, and we need more data.

This year, we are fortunate to have some very promising, yet very scarce, sources of data on the climate.

We have an abundance of climate data, both from land-based measurements like stations on satellites, and from climate models that are used to forecast future conditions and to make predictions about how things might change.

These models can be used to help us better understand how the landscape is changing, and they can be applied to our understanding of climate change to help improve our knowledge of what’s happening.

We can now use the data that these models provide to better understand the changes occurring in grasslands and savannas across the West and to better predict how climate change will affect the distribution of water and precipitation across these ecosystems. 

While climate models are useful for the first time in helping us understand the climate change process, the future of climate models is going to be a lot more interesting and valuable when we can get more information on the actual processes driving climate change over time. 

The new climate models from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) are helping us to understand how grasslands, savannahs, and forests are changing over time in the Western United States. 

Our model, known as the Climate Model Intercomparison Project, is designed to predict how the climate will change across the western United States over the next century and to estimate the impact of future climate changes on our water resources and ecosystems.

Using this model, scientists have been able to measure the effects of drought and other climate-related changes on vegetation and soil.

This information is crucial to understanding how climate changes will affect our landscape and our food and water supplies. 

Using this model and our observations, scientists are able to develop climate models for the future.

We now have a better sense of how the changes to the climate are affecting our landscape.

This data allows us to better prepare for the impacts of climate variability on our region and the way we live. 

We have an incredible amount of data that we have gathered over the last two decades, and it is important to know what’s going on with it. 

But these climate models have also given us a lot to understand.

We know that vegetation, which depends on rainfall for its health, has changed.

We also know that the amount of precipitation varies in response to changes in temperature and precipitation, and that the moisture in the soil is changing. 

And we know that water in the atmosphere and oceans is changing as well.

These changes are causing changes to our landscape, our ecosystems, and our climate. 

Climate models can provide us with important insights into the processes that drive climate change, and with the information that we collect, we can better understand these processes. 

By learning about these processes, we have the ability to make more informed decisions about what we want to do about climate change in the future, and how we can help protect our ecosystems.

Climate models allow us to know about these changes over time and the impact they are having on our environment.

And this information can be integrated

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