Meet the Grasslands of the Americas, by the Numbers

In the tropics and sub-tropics, grasslands are where the rain falls and the flowers bloom.

These areas are the natural habitat of animals and plants and are the ones that are most likely to be visited by humans.

These habitats are also home to biodiversity.

There are thousands of species of plants, insects, and animals living in these areas.

But despite their diverse habitats, some species are still excluded from the official count.

For example, while many plants are common in the tropically arid regions, few of the grasslands and grasslands-like habitats that are found in the deserts of North America are recognized as rainforests. 

But the World Food Program is hoping that these areas will soon be added to the official list.

That will bring the number of grasslands in the world’s major food systems to more than 9,000.

That number would make it the second-most-widely-recognized global grassland species after that of the African Savannah. 

The World Food program is currently working with several other partners to create a national grassland database, which would help to establish a common definition of what constitutes a grassland. 

This could mean that we could have a list of grassland-like habitat, rather than just counting species, that could be shared with the wider world. 

What do you think?

What does the new grassland data mean for you?

Are you in a grasslands area that’s not included on the official data? 

What about if you do live in one? 

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