‘We are not going to go back’: Texas lawmakers seek help in clearing Texas wetlands

An Associated Press review of the latest flood data shows the state has recovered some ground after heavy rains in March.

It has recovered the vast majority of the wetlands it had lost.

But the state also has seen some big losses in areas like the San Antonio-based Edwards Aquifer.

The state lost nearly 200,000 acre-feet of water in 2016, according to a state report.

But a full-year study by the U.S. Geological Survey found the state had recovered only 13 percent of the water it lost during the same period in 2015.

The report said Texas had lost an average of 13,800 acre-fares of water a year since 1980, when water levels in the Edwards began dropping.

And that number has been rising every year since.

The last time Texas lost so much water in one year was in the early 1990s, the report said.

A year ago, a new report showed the state lost an additional 13,000 to 13,900 acre-fuels a year.

The new report comes a day after the Texas Tribune reported the state was recovering from a record-setting flood.

The Tribune reported that officials had forecasted that the state would lose 1.8 million acre-foams in the next two years, more than twice as much as the previous record set last year.

“It’s a real challenge, but it’s a challenge that we are going to do our best to recover from,” state Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Fort Worth, told the Tribune.

“I think we have the tools to do it.”

Villalbona has been pushing to get the state’s waterways under federal control.

His bill would force federal agencies to take water from wetlands and redirect it to flood control, but that bill has been stalled in the Texas Legislature.

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors.

Become one.

A bill to create a flood mitigation commission would require the state to develop flood management plans for wetlands, which would then be reviewed by the commission.

That commission would be composed of members appointed by the governor, a state senator, and representatives from private landowners, local governments and nonprofit groups.

A group of lawmakers have also been working on a bill to put a moratorium on the use of dredging equipment to clear wetlands.

Villalbo said the state will be able to recover more wetlands with federal aid and will need to invest more money in flood protection.

“But it’s going to be tough, because you have to take that money and put it back in places where it can actually do some good,” he said.

“And that’s what we’re going to have to do.

That’s what I’m going to tell my constituents when they ask: ‘How much do we have to spend?'”

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