When it rains: Water scarcity in India: A rainwater crisis

By BIRU KATHARANANDANKARAA|Posted October 10, 2019 09:07:25A rainwater catastrophe is on the cards in many parts of the country due to the drought, according to a study by the International Water Management Association (IWM).

According to the IWM, the world’s largest water conservation organization, India is at the crossroads of a major water crisis and the situation is critical.

Water scarcity is one of the key threats facing farmers, according the report.

The report predicts that India’s drought will lead to a decline in crop yields, and a further decline in rural livelihoods and economic activity.

Water resources in the country are already running out, as per the IWC.

The report also said that water conservation will be a challenge in the long term due to growing demand for water.

“This is a critical time for India, as the population is growing and water scarcity will have an adverse impact on agricultural and other sectors in the near term,” IWM president Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

He said the IWT will soon launch a new report on the drought situation in India, which will be based on the latest research.

“It is important to remember that water is one part of a holistic water management strategy and not a one-dimensional commodity.

The IWM is well aware that India is facing significant water and sanitation challenges,” Prasam said.”

We are aware that in India there is a scarcity of water and the government should address this in a timely manner,” he added.

According to IWM’s annual report, the country is facing the worst water crisis in its history.

“The total area of water-scarce areas is expected to reach approximately 5 million square kilometres by 2025, with the total annual groundwater recharge of 10 million cubic metres per day.

This is a staggering figure that is already well above the existing reserves of groundwater,” the report said.

It said that despite the drought and high water prices, the state of Punjab has managed to recover over 90 per cent of its water resources.

The Punjab Water Resources Development Corporation (PWRDC) is the largest producer of water in the state, and the Punjab government has been aggressively working to recover the water from the aquifer that has been in a state of drought for more than five years.PWDC is also planning to spend about $20 billion on upgrading and improving water infrastructure and infrastructure-related projects in Punjab.

The government has also started implementing a water conservation scheme to save water.

“With a reduction in water demand and availability, the government is in a good position to take appropriate measures to ensure that groundwater is used for irrigation purposes,” the PWRDC said.

According the report, India’s groundwater recharge rate has been falling steadily in the past five years, and has dropped to below 1.3 billion cubic metres of water per day (Bcm/day) from 6.6 Bcm/year in 2016.”PWRCDC has managed groundwater recharge by focusing on groundwater management and water management projects, and is working towards achieving a total water supply to the state in 2020,” the IWA said.

Water shortages are the most significant threat facing farmers in the world, as well as other vulnerable groups.

The water crisis is being exacerbated by the rising global temperature, which is also impacting agriculture.

The IWC has warned that the climate change impacts are likely to worsen drought conditions in the coming decades.

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