Who is this ‘argentinian grassland’ crossword?

With the announcement that the world will hold the first ever global public Turing test on November 5, the question has been raised about how many different types of “grasslands” could be identified in an area.

The Turing test, which asks the computer to “think like a human” for 10 minutes, has been described as the world’s most expensive test and has been touted as a way to identify rare grasslands and other hidden clues to ancient life.

In the words of the Oxford University Press, the “highly detailed grassland” question will be answered by “the largest, most complex, and most complex test of all.”

However, there are still a lot of questions about the answer.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “grassland” as “any area with an area of at least 2.5 acres and suitable for grazing.”

That’s not necessarily grassland in the traditional sense, but the definition may also apply to areas that are not entirely natural, such as wetlands, grassland, or forest.

In a recent interview with the BBC, linguist and Turing scholar Robert Walshe, who has been researching the topic for decades, said that he thinks there are likely to be a lot more than 2.25 acres of “grasslands” in the U.K. But the exact size of the area may be impossible to define.

The dictionary defines a “grasses” as: “a forest of orchards, rangelands, orchids, shrubs, or grasses that are planted by animals or vegetation.”

So in this case, the definition could also apply only to “woodlands.”

But what about areas that aren’t “grass lands” in traditional sense?

According to Walsle, a grasslands might not necessarily mean a forest of trees, but instead “the surface of a wooded or forested ground.”

In this case there might be a variety of different types that overlap in the same area, such a “small grassland.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines a grassland as: The area of a land surface, whether or not there is a vegetation covering it, which has an area not exceeding 2.2 acres and is suitable for a range of grazing animals.

This definition is less specific, but Walsley says that he’s found that a grass land is more than just an area where trees grow.

“It’s often associated with an individual or group of individuals, perhaps in the form of a particular family,” he told the BBC.

In his book, he cites the example of a man named Charles Darwin who lived in a region of England known as the “Grasses of Flanders.”

He said that the man had a variety that included “small groves of eucalyptus, oaks, and poplar trees.”

In his article, Walsthes says that “in the absence of clear information, one can only speculate as to the meaning of these words and their meanings in the English language.”

However one may guess, there might also be a large amount of grassland that has not yet been identified.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the term as “an area of land not exceeding two hectares in area and having an area exceeding 2,000 acres.”

But it doesn’t specifically mention grasslands in that definition.

If that sounds like a lot, think again.

In fact, the Oxford Dictionary doesn’t actually have a definition for “grass” in its definition.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, “grass is a common term for a group of perennial herbs or shrubs found in many temperate countries, especially Britain.”

The dictionary also says that there are “many other kinds of grasses and grasses with different names and properties.”

For instance, in the dictionary, grasslands are: Grasslands that are partly forested or with a forest cover or cover of a similar kind (such as a forest) or of an unspecified type (such, woodland or grassland) (in some regions grasslands can be defined as being forests).

And in the Oxford dictionary, a “Grassland” is a “land of trees or other vegetation.”

The definition of a “grass land” is still unclear, but we may never know exactly how many types of grasslands exist in the world.

Walsh and Walsshe say that there could be more than two million grasslands worldwide, but they also say that they don’t know for sure how many are actually grasslands.

If they’re right, it’s likely that there’s a lot less grassland than we’ve heard about.

It could be that the Oxford dictionaries definition of grass as a “forested orforested ground” is very specific and the rest of the definition is pretty general.

Walthouse believes that we need to think about the definition of “Gramps” a bit more carefully.

“In a sense, we need the definition to be more specific and not be general, which is the way the

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