How to manage a grassland drought in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government is warning of a drought-induced grassland erosion and loss of habitat in the country’s highlands as a result of climate change.

The New York Times reported that the government had put together a new strategy, calling for increased management of the grasslands by landowners to slow the spread of drought.

The strategy includes setting aside land for new grassland habitat and establishing drought management plans.

But a new report from the Ministry of the Environment, which is part of the government, suggests that farmers will be responsible for most of the erosion, even though the government says the government should be responsible, too.

The new strategy includes encouraging more sustainable agriculture, including using locally grown foods and sustainable practices.

“There is a growing expectation that the future is going to be dominated by agriculture,” said Andrew Fidler, a senior adviser to the government.

“So, it’s quite appropriate that we have this new strategy which says farmers should take more responsibility.”

Fidley said that the strategy could help farmers “rebuild the capacity of grasslands for people to enjoy, which in turn will make them more resilient to drought.”

Fidesz says it’s important to work with landowners to help protect the grassland environment, but there’s more to be done.

“What we need to do is to have a clear strategy for how we’re going to support the farmers,” Fidesl said.

“We’re not saying that it has to be all-organic or that it’s all-or-nothing.”

He said the government was working on a more comprehensive strategy.

“It is an area that we want to get the cooperation of the industry and landowners to really address,” he said.

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