How to find the ‘flat grassland’ clue in Kiva’s Kiva grassland Crossword challenge

Kiva, the online marketplace that allows farmers to sell their land and earn rewards, is getting more creative with its Kiva-branded grasslands puzzle challenge.

Kiva announced today that its “flat grasslands” puzzle has been updated with new clues that will let you search for specific areas of the country.

The puzzles can be solved by searching for a specific location of the national park, river, island or lake.

To solve the puzzle, you must find a specific spot of the grasslands area on the map and then go there to find it.

You will also need to know the answer to the “Flat Grassland” clue.

This is an image that appears in the clue box when you first search for a location on the Kiva map.

You’ll need to search the cluebox and then click the red “Search” button at the bottom of the screen to search for the spot you need.

When you have found it, you can click the blue “Submit” button to confirm the answer.

Once you submit the answer, the Kivas algorithm will generate the next clue, which is then entered in the box next to the answer you submitted.

Kiva says the next challenge is scheduled for Nov. 4.

The next challenge will be called “Flats” and will focus on identifying the area that is part of the “Hobart Highlands.”

The new clues will be part of a larger update to Kiva in the near future.

The company says it will start testing new and improved solutions in the coming weeks.

The update also brings Kiva to its first ever global marketplace for grassland-related goods.

The company launched its “Kiva Marketplace” in April, allowing farmers to trade in their grasslands for goods and services.

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