‘Bizarre’ video ‘shows people in ‘extreme poverty’

VIDEO: The video shows people in “extreme poverty” in Australia’s remote savanna.

The video, entitled “Living Like a Farmer in the Australian Outback”, has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube, and was originally published on the internet in 2013.

It shows an Aboriginal woman, identified as Lucy, in a trailer with three men in Australia, Australia.

The men were travelling through Australia and she was living on her own in the remote Australian Outbacks, and she told the camera that she had never seen people so poor, and that she was struggling to survive.

She said that she wanted to see “a country like Australia”.

“You see so many people with so much, and the way they’re living,” she said.

“They are living like a farmer, they’re doing this like a farm.

They’re living like cattle.”

The video then cuts to Lucy, who is standing in a field.

She is seen walking up to a group of men and handing them a bag of food.

“Here you go,” she says, as they take the bag.

“Eat this,” she adds, handing her the food.

She also tells them she is in “severe poverty”.

She told Channel Nine’s The Project that she would have been able to eat a meal for her family in her own country, but had to sell all of her belongings to buy food for her extended family.

“It is not fair,” she told host Chris Tremaine.

“I want to show you something, that I would be able to survive if I had been a farmer.”

Her story has attracted more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Tremaine said he wanted to reach the Aboriginal community and tell their stories, and asked Lucy to share her story.

“You’re a really nice Aboriginal woman and you’re just going through something, and you don’t want to be seen as an outback, you don´t want to have to live like a refugee, you want to live a life like a cow,” Tremaine said.

Lucy has told her story to her family, and her family told Channel Seven she was in “deep poverty”.

“I think that there are many outback Aboriginal women out there that don’t get the opportunity that they do,” Tremain said.

Trent Scott from the Aboriginal Peoples Welfare and Development Agency (APWA) said the video had “gone viral”.

“We are shocked and outraged and we are shocked that anyone would try to take a picture and upload it on the Internet,” he said.

He said the group behind the video were also shocked by the video.

“We don’t condone the video and we think it’s appalling that anyone could put that picture on the web,” he told the ABC.


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