How to avoid the worst of the floods

A wet season is on its way to a new low for South Australia’s grasslands, with more than a million hectares of the state’s vast grasslands in danger of drying out before the end of the year.

The state government’s forecast for the year’s rainfall is forecast to fall well short of the record-setting year it had expected.

“There’s some pretty big problems, but they’re not insurmountable,” South Australia Agriculture Minister Greg Hunt said on Monday.

“What we are seeing is an unprecedented dry season that is not normal.”

We’ve seen drought in the past, and we’re expecting to see the same again.

“Mr Hunt said the state had the potential to be a major player in the global carbon market, and that was why it had set aside $10 billion to help farmers grow more carbon-intensive crops and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.”

If we are to continue to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and climate change, we must all work together to address these challenges,” he said.”

This is a key area for South Australians and the world to work on together.

“The state’s agriculture department is expected to announce a new climate change strategy in coming weeks, with the government also expected to commit to more funds to improve irrigation systems, reduce the use of fertilisers and protect waterways.

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