Grassland producers say they’re ‘not worried’ about Trump’s ‘gut’ order

In a letter to President Donald Trump and his administration, more than a dozen agricultural producers said they are “not worried” about the president’s executive order targeting their crops.

In a message to Trump, the group, known as the Grassland Partners Association, also said it is “very supportive of the president.”

“Our members are not opposed to the administration’s focus on agriculture and our members are concerned about the implications of this policy for all agricultural producers in the United States,” the group wrote in a letter addressed to the president.

The letter was signed by the heads of several of the biggest agribusiness groups, including the United Soybean Association, the Corn Growers Association, and the North American Soybean Council.

“We believe this executive order should not be implemented until all stakeholders can be consulted and are given sufficient time to understand the impact this policy will have on all agriculture,” the letter said.

The group added that the policy, which affects crops from corn and soybean to corn and cotton, “is not intended to discriminate against any industry.”

Trump’s order, signed on Tuesday, has been met with criticism from farmers and other opponents, including Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, who told the Associated Press that it would “open the door to other discrimination.”

The Agriculture Department issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the order would not have a “direct or significant impact” on agriculture.

The statement said that the Agriculture Department “has not received any formal notification of the implementation of this executive action.”

The letter, from the groups of more than 100,000 members, also accused Trump of “wilfully undermining the work of federal agencies” and said the order was “unnecessarily broad and potentially harmful.”

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