Bird life, bird death, and the future of a world in transition

The Jerusalem City Bird Sanctuary, the oldest bird sanctuary in the world, will close on September 30.

The park, located near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, was established in 1973 and hosts more than 10,000 birds and has been home to the Israel Bird Conservancy for more than a century.

The sanctuary will be closed to visitors in accordance with the new legislation.

The zoo, the only one in Israel, has faced a similar fate since a fire at the zoo in October 2015 killed four people.

According to the Sanctuary Board, the park will be open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Zoo’s owners, the Hebrew University, also plan to close the facility’s animal-rearing programs.

The new law requires that all non-human animals, including birds, be sterilized, and it also stipulates that they must be kept in a cage.

“In the last years, the situation has become even worse,” said Avi Ben-Aviv, who heads the Jerusalem Zoo.

“We have to find a way to prevent future tragedies.

We are very sad that the world will never know the beauty of the birds.”

The Israeli Ministry of Environment and the Department of Agriculture announced the closure on Thursday, and officials said the animals’ genetic material will be destroyed.

“The park is not a zoo,” said Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel.

“It is an animal sanctuary, and we are not responsible for the genetic material of any animal.”

The zoo’s director, Yael Ziv, told Israel’s Channel 2 News that the animals were “extremely stressed” by the closure and would be placed on a new breeding program.

“There is no doubt that they are very tired,” Ziv said.

I cannot tell them what they should do.” “

I cannot tell you what they will do.

I cannot tell them what they should do.”

Ziv also called the closure a “disaster.”

“The zoo is an institution, and if it is closed, it is a tragedy for all of us,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Zoological Association, which represents some of the country’s most renowned zoo animals, said the decision to close “isn’t good for us.

It is a disaster for the entire industry.”

Ben-David, the zoo’s head, said he will not have any employees for the duration of the closure, and he plans to “take steps to restore the animals to their natural habitat.”

“We hope that the closure will give them some peace and tranquility,” Ben-Naimi said.

The Zoological Society of London, which manages the London Zoo, said it was “deeply saddened” by reports that the facility will be shut down.

“This is a tragic time for all zoo animals and the entire conservation and care of our animals, both as a part of our wider conservation efforts and as a vital tool for maintaining a healthy, happy, and thriving environment for all species of birds,” said the society’s director of communications, Stephen Brown.

Ben Naimi, the head of the Israel Zoo, and a prominent avian activist, said that “a great loss” will be felt by the birds. “

As a result of this tragic situation, the animals have been in constant and sometimes intense fear and distress and the care of these animals has been compromised.”

Ben Naimi, the head of the Israel Zoo, and a prominent avian activist, said that “a great loss” will be felt by the birds.

“A great loss will be made by the animals who will lose out on the sanctuary,” he told Channel 2.

“Because it is an extraordinary sanctuary, the birds will be in very, very deep distress and they will not be able to enjoy the sanctuary as much.”

Ben Zvi, the director of the Bird Sanctuary Board and the author of the forthcoming book “The Future of Birds,” told the AP that the decision was “extremely sad.”

“It was a very difficult decision,” he explained.

“What we did was very, extremely difficult and the result is very tragic for the birds and for the animals.”

“But this is a problem that the zoo and the people have been fighting for and that’s why we will be able, and that is why we are working so hard to bring the zoo back,” he added.

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