The Lad bible: The Bible for Flatgrassland

The Lad, an ancient Indian religion that teaches that the earth is flat and that the world is a flat, flat, lifeless place, is a good example of the influence of the Flatgrass Landscape theory.It is believed that a god named Rama came down to Earth from the heavens to tell his people that they […]

How to protect your pet from grassland snakes

If you’re worried about your pet’s chances of getting bitten by a grassland snake, you’re not alone.In fact, according to research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, up to 90 per cent of snakes are not poisonous.But what happens if a snake bites you?The most common way to treat snake bites is to wash […]

What the world is missing with a species extinct in Australia

A species of grassland tortoises has been found on the Australian mainland, with scientists hoping to track its movements in a bid to save them from extinction.Key points: The species was discovered in the grassland of the Northern TerritoryThe new species is an endangered speciesThe new tortoise, named after an Indigenous leader, is one of […]

Meet the Grasslands of the Americas, by the Numbers

In the tropics and sub-tropics, grasslands are where the rain falls and the flowers bloom.These areas are the natural habitat of animals and plants and are the ones that are most likely to be visited by humans.These habitats are also home to biodiversity.There are thousands of species of plants, insects, and animals living in these […]

‘We are not going to go back’: Texas lawmakers seek help in clearing Texas wetlands

An Associated Press review of the latest flood data shows the state has recovered some ground after heavy rains in March.It has recovered the vast majority of the wetlands it had lost.But the state also has seen some big losses in areas like the San Antonio-based Edwards Aquifer.The state lost nearly 200,000 acre-feet of water […]

When it rains: Water scarcity in India: A rainwater crisis

By BIRU KATHARANANDANKARAA|Posted October 10, 2019 09:07:25A rainwater catastrophe is on the cards in many parts of the country due to the drought, according to a study by the International Water Management Association (IWM).According to the IWM, the world’s largest water conservation organization, India is at the crossroads of a major water crisis and the […]

National parks need grasslands for climate change mitigation

AUSTRALIA’s national parks need more grassland species to keep up with the changing climate, according to a new report.Key points:The report found the Australian grassland is under threat from drought, warming temperatures and climate changeAustralia has over 200 national parks, but only three are grassland national parksAustralia is the world’s largest grassland exporter and grassland […]

A Prairie Grassland Environment For Your Next Project

As we continue to see the effects of climate change on our landscapes, many species are becoming increasingly vulnerable.With a changing climate, our natural habitats are being affected by changing temperatures, wind, rainfall, and soil.And as these changes affect our ecosystems, we can expect more of them to disappear, says Chris Johnson, an ecologist at […]

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