Temperate grasslands prairie: What you need to know

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Forests and wetlands: Forests, wetlands, grassland and other wetlands are generally considered to be part of the grassland species category.

This classification is a classification system which considers how a plant or animal is classified under various laws and is intended to be useful for understanding and promoting biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

In the case of grassland, wetlands and other wetland ecosystems, the classification scheme does not distinguish between the land covered by a grassland (including land under cultivation or a forest) and the land itself.

There are a range of classification schemes which are used in Australia.

This is the classification system used in NSW and the classification used in Queensland.

The classification scheme applies to vegetation, plants and animals within a particular category.

In NSW, a ‘grassland’ is defined as an area that contains more than 25% of the land area of an area which is defined in the classification.

The term ‘forest’ refers to land covered with a single-story or other continuous wooded vegetation.

In Queensland, the term ‘forests’ is used to include forested areas and areas which have not been disturbed or have not received any disturbance in the past 10 years.2.

Wetland and grassland: The classification of a wetland or grassland is based on the classification of vegetation within the wetland.

A wetland is defined by the area covered by grasslands or wetland grasslands.

A grassland may also be considered a wetlands.

This includes the following types of grasslands: arid grasslands such as oaks, birch and cedars; wetland and swamp grasslands; and grasslands covered with other plants.

In addition to the categories of vegetation, a wet-land can include plants or animals.

For example, the grasslands of central Queensland have a range and abundance of vegetation.3.

Land and soil: A land and soil category is based upon the types of organic matter that are present in the land.

In some areas, a land and/or soil category may also include a ‘water system’ category which refers to a system of water or an area of water that has a significant role in the water cycle.4.

Land cover: A wet-lands, grasslands and wetland ecosystem is defined based on vegetation, soil, water, and a land cover classification.5.

Wetlands: Wetlands are land covered areas which contain more than 75% of an already existing vegetation layer and cover at least 25% (including trees and shrubs) of an existing wetland cover.6.

Wet areas: Wet areas are land areas that contain a greater than 25 % cover of vegetation on an area.7.

Wet and wet grassland ecosystems: A ‘wetland ecosystem’ is a system that includes vegetation, water and water management systems.8.

Wet land and grass land ecosystems: Land cover and wetlands are considered as one system.9.

Wet wetlands and grass ecosystems: Wetland ecosystems include wetlands and the like.10.

Wet grassland ecosystem: Wetgrasslands and other grasslands are defined as land cover, water management, soil and water systems.11.

Wet vegetation and vegetation ecosystems: Plants and animals that live in or around wet vegetation or vegetation that is in close proximity to wet vegetation.12.

Wet ecosystems: The wet vegetation ecosystem comprises both wetland landscapes and wet ecosystems.13.

Wet water management and water quality: The water management system and the water quality system are considered to have a significant impact on water quality.

In areas with water quality issues, a water quality assessment may be conducted.

The water quality assessments are designed to help identify where problems can be addressed and to determine how best to respond to those problems.14.

Wet wetland vegetation: Wet wetlands include wetlands covered by trees, shrubs, grasses and other vegetation.15.

Wet groundwater management: The management of groundwater, including the management of underground sources of groundwater is considered to include managing the surface and underground sources.16.

Wet aquatic ecosystems: Water quality is considered in relation to the aquatic ecosystems of a site when it is found that there is a significant change in water quality (or that a change in the level of the water supply to the site is likely to have adverse consequences) or when there are adverse effects on other aquatic habitats (e.g. erosion or disturbance) that can occur in water-logged areas, water-rich areas, or areas that are naturally saline (e,g.

low groundwater or groundwater level).17.

Wet wildlife management: In NSW and Queensland, wetlands are not considered wildlife habitat and are not subject to wildlife protection

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